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Procmail filtering at for your custom domain

This document assumes you have a shared web hosting account at First you should setup procmail filtering for your mail account using the RW4M Initial Setup Wizard, click here for more information.

To start procmail filtering for your custom domain address, start by logging into the Pair Account Control Center (ACC) at Go to the E-Mail Management section.

It's not necessary to create a mailbox in the Pair ACC for addresses you want filtered with procmail. Select Create New Recipe. Enter a new address in the corresponding box, select Filter and then click Proceed. On the next page, enter:
Then click the Create Filter button. Mail to that address will be filtered by procmail and you can use the RW4M Recipe Wizard to create and modify procmail recipes.

The setup is finished if you haven't created any mailboxes for your domain in the Pair ACC. If you have created mailboxes, please follow the additional step described below.

If you have setup a mailbox you also need to set a variable. Note that you only have to perform this step once, regardless of how many custom mailboxes you create. The variable assignment needed is a line that reads:

You can use the Recipe Wizard to create that, select Match On All Messages then select Set Exitcode then enter 99. That will be listed as a recipe in the the Position/Edit Recipe Dialog. You should position it so that it's the first recipe in the list, and it should always remain the first item. Alternatively, you can enter that line manually. If you create it manually, you can put it in your .procmailrc before any INCLUDERC or recipes.

If you want to deliver mail to a mailbox other than your Pair username mailbox, the format is:
Substitute your domain name for and your created email account for customAddress. You would enter that on the fourth wizard page. (That assumes you are using regular mbox format, not IMAP.)